Cri the Coeur _

Cri the Coeur, from the French expression cri de coeur, a cry from the heart, started in November 2017, when three friends and college colleagues decide to cross their musicality. Slowly, while the creative process flourishes, Jonas, Mason and Zé felt that something was missing to fill in as songs were evolving at a good pace, that missing piece was Branco. Friend and also fellow guitarist brings originality and the group continues as a quartet for some time. Lyrics were created by giving history and meaning to the instrumentals already made, for that, Mason invites Lia, to be the voice and the third guitar for the quintet now formed. On a sunny April day, the 5 of them, for the first time, rehearse together. * SPARK * After this, the distortion and the crushed cymbals made Fuzz Monster, the first original finished to come out in DEMO format. In April 2019, they released the first single, "CX200 / Running For Fear" to the world on Bandcamp and Spotify. On the way to 2020, the recorded in studio a set of tracks, which over the next few months, will be revealed on their debut EP.